Rioy, what an odd word. Rioy is a coffee tasting term. Perhaps you've noticed the word on the coffee taster's flavor wheel we have posted in the restroom, but probably not. So to get everyone on the same page, rioy is a taste fault possible in coffee caused by the acids in the bean changing chemically and can be divided into three more specific taste faults - iodine, carbolic, and acrid. Rioy taste kind of like the air in a hospital operating room. To say that the taste is "medicinal" can be misleading because to someone who generally doesn't care what rioy means, when hearing that something taste "medicinal" they could think of all sorts of medicine tastes like cough syrup, which isn't what rioy is! Rioy is like a mixture of iodine, alcohol, and acid. Cousins of rioy are fermenty and rubbery. Fermenty is a lesser degree of the taste fault, and while Arabica beans can get rioy if the coffee cherry is left on the tree to long, Robusto beans can get rubbery. The term is usally associated with Arabica shipped through Rio de Janeiro, hence the name.