We provide a wide variety of single estate, blend, and flavored teas, valuing quality, freshness, and transparency from leaf to cup. All of our tea offering is loose leaf.


We sample teas from tea gardens all over the world to find the best teas to offer. We have relationships with tea gardens in India and China which help us maintain consistent quality and transparency from those countries. While importing tea ourselves does add a lot of work, it enables us to offer our clients fantastic teas while keeping the price very attractive. Importing ourselves ensures each lot we receive is fresh from the garden and properly shipped and handled. Importing also gives us the added privilege of being the only supplier in the United States for certain teas.


In addition to offing many of the tea we purchase farm-specific and unblended, we create a variety of tea blends, fruit tisanes, and herbal blends so that there is something that will pair well with your needs. We use fresh herbs and spices to blend with and grind the spices immediately prior to blending to preserve their full flavor. We use no artificial flavors in our tea blends. Our retail tea tins are air-tight and rigid to keep the tea fresh and un-crushed.