We have been Canton's Coffee Roaster and Tea Merchant since 2003. We are proud to be locally owned and operated creating award-winning, fresh, quality-focused specialty coffee and tea.

   One of the 10 Best Coffeehouses in America- USA Today

Our Coffee

With over ten years of experience in the industry, we source, roast, blend and serve the best coffee in Ohio. We offer a variety of estate and co-op coffees as well as a few select and specialized blends. We value the importance of fairness and quality at each step of the process from seed to cup. We also offer a selection of coffee-related supplies and equipment that we endorse.

- 2020 Canton Regional Chamber Business Excellence Award (video)

- 2018 America's Best Cold Brew Semi-Finalist

- 2014 USA Today 10 Best Coffeehouses in America

- 2014 & 2015 America's Best Coffeehouse Competition Semi-Finalist

- 2014, 2015, 2017 America's Best Espresso Semi-Finalist  (our regular production Spro Blend)

- 2013 America's Best Coffeehouse Competition 3rd Place

- 2013 America's Best Espresso Semi-Finalist (our regular production Spro Blend)

- 2010 About Magazine Best Coffeeshop

- 90+ Scores on Ken Davids Coffee Review (highest score in Ohio)

- Highest scores in Ohio on SCAA Regional Barista Competitions

- Recipient of Golden Cup Award 

- SCAA Member since 2003


Our Tea

We source and import some of the highest quality teas available, and maintain relationships with farmers to offer a line of direct trade teas. We offer these teas unblended and offer a selection of tea & herb blends we have created to best expand and complement the tea flavors. We do not sell dust and fannings, the lowest two grades of tea (which are used in teabags), we only sell loose whole leaf tea. We also offer a selection of tea-related supplies and equipment that we endorse.

- Our Earl Grey Special earned a score of 76 at the North American Tea Championship. A score qualifying for 2nd place in the Earl Grey catagory.

- Our Masala Chai earned a score of 77 at the North American Tea Championship.


Our Allied Products

If you’re not in the mood for coffee or tea, we offer a plethora of other beverages from fruit smoothies to  specialty small-batch sodas. Our fruit smoothies are made with real fruit and fruit juices. The flavor syrups we use are made in-house from only natural ingredients and contain no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives, providing a clean, natural,  and multidimensional flavor. 

We continue to keep the healthy well-being of our guests in mind by offering innovative baked goods such as whole-wheat mocha brownies, whole-wheat peanut butter Morsi™ , various breads (including  whole-wheat of course!) and some sweet and some savory spreads to enjoy on the bread. All of our baked items are made fresh—also in-house—from scratch and using no preservatives.  We encourage you to treat yourself, and treat yourself well.


Our Leaders

Alexander Haas
Master Barista & President

Alex was born and raised in Canton Ohio. He left Canton to attend the University of Rochester and the University of St. Andrews to earn degrees in psychology and molecular genetics. Alex’s extensive chemistry and biology background help him appreciate coffee and tea on a scientific level and his thorough travels through Western Europe, Eastern Europe, South and Central America, and India help him appreciate coffee and tea on a cultural, practical, and artistic level.  Alex came back to his hometown to bring it his vision for the ultimate daily coffee and tea experience! He has been roasting coffee since 2001, crafting espresso drinks since 2003 and generally telling people what to do since birth.


Morgan Haas
Expert Barista & Executive Communications Manager

 Morgan Haas was born in Canton, Ohio. Attended Perry High School where she was a State Champion in Speech and Debate. Morgan left to earn a Communications Studies degree from Ohio University. She began her career as a barista in Athens, OH. where she starting to develop an appreciation for coffee and tea. After graduation, she moved back to Canton and began her Muggswigz career, working at the newly opened Lake Cable Muggswigz. Since then, she has traveled around the East and Midwest to compete in various coffee competitions including America’s Best Espresso, the SCAA Barista Competition, and America’s Best Coffee House. She enjoys the constant evolution of the industry and demonstrates that passion through her collaborations with community organizations and her work communicating to the world on behalf of Muggswigz!  She also enjoys traveling, volunteering, getting into PJs with her main squeeze Alex, and being a supermama.

Dylan Barker
Trained Barista, Training Manager

Dylan has grown through the company from a trainee to being the head of training company-wide. Dylan works at all of our stores on occasion to spread his barista skill and knowledge.

Joseph Duran
Novice Barista, Store Operations Manager - DTA

Joseph interest in coffee and its preparation seems to know no bounds. His tireless work helps made our Downtown Akron store a true gem.




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