We brew our coffee with exceptionally fresh-roasted specialty-grade Arabica beans. Because our coffee is roasted in-house, we are able to brew from just hours to days after roasting. We roast and blend our own signature espresso, which is in the middle-Italian style (roasted dark enough to develop a full palette of coffee flavors, but not roasted so dark that much of the coffee flavors are roasted out in lieu of a carbony flavor). We follow a neo-traditional school of espresso beverage preparation, and offer several signature beverages, including a create-your-own blended drink we call the Libswig™.

      There are four major grades of tea (based on leaf particle size) these are 1. Dust 2. Fannings 3. Broken 4. Whole leaf (aka. Pekoe); tea dust being the lowest grade and whole leaf the highest. We do not carry tea-bag grade tea (dust & fannings), instead, our tea is loose whole leaf and includes some of the highest quality tea attainable. Whole leaf tea needs to be steeped longer than tea bags and we will recommend a steep time for your particular tea. We offer a vast selection of teas, tisanes, herbs, and spices, including some of our own signature blends, all of which we are happy to guide you through.

Our professional baristi go through thorough and continuous training to become as skilled and knowledgeable as possible.

We love sharing our knowledge of coffee and tea by fielding questions, so please don’t hesitate to ask.   

We make every effort to keep our store in a manner that our coffee and tea can be best appreciated. If you have a suggestion for us on how to improve our environment, please let your barista know, or use our contact page.    

We engender the building of community among our guests and help guests meet each other in positive ways. We also provide a stage for local talent and for our guests to express themselves, be it through music, poetry, prose, or visual art.

2013 America's Best Coffeehouse Competition 3rd Place Winner