Our Executive Baker is responsible for ensuring freshness, quality, training, and presentation of all company baking and edible-making efforts. The Executive Baker should expect to travel to each store to bake and train staff on how to meet and exceed standards. The Executive Baker will often be working behind the bar and thus will also need to be able to fulfill the role of barista when needed.

 Hire must :

1) Have good taste and olfactory sensory perception.

2) Have years of relevant baking experience

3) Be able to lift 25 lbs. over their head, lift and carry 50 lb bags, and work for long periods on their feet.

4) Be able to consistently work a minimum of 20 hours per week.

5) Be able to train co-workers and maintain standards and accountability

6) Be able to develop recipes

Ideal candidate would :

1) Have a culinary mind with an understanding of physical chemistry, specifically as it relates to baking.

2) Have high level pastry chef training or experience

3) Have experience with strong performance in similar role


Position may be part-time or full-time. Compensation ranges from $14 - $18 per hour.

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