Our baristas are the core of our business. Our baristas craft and prepare a variety of drinks and foods, professionally serve them, prepare syrups, sauces, and baked goods from scratch, aid guests in their retail shopping, and maintain the store. This is not a typical food-service counter or kitchen position. It requires a good deal of commitment, responsibly and skill development. Muggswigz baristas are financially compensated for this with an average wage rate significantly higher than similar positions. If you are looking for easy food service gig, this is not for you, particularly if you struggle to get to work on time, or have very limited availability. However, If you are starting out and interested in working with coffee and tea as a career, you probably won't be able to find a better opportunity.  Part-time or Full-time available. New Trainee Baristas start at $13/hour + tips and can train up to earning $23/hour + bonus in as little as 6 months while being part of a team that cares about being there to get the job done while carrying on the traditions that have earned our company various industry accolades including being named one of the 10 best coffeeshops in the US by USA today. 

As a barista not only will you positively impact your community on a daily basis through your work, your professional development enable you to make being a Muggswigz barista a rewarding career, with income, benefits, and growth opportunity enabling you to support a family. 

Previous barista experience is not necessary. Being a successful Muggswigz Barista will require you to have self-confidence, self-management, and self-drive. All baristi must be able to perform the job functions of a Muggswigz barista well and undergo the same training to ensure they are solid trained baristas. After that point, baristi have the choice to embark on different paths such as becoming a competition barista, specializing in baking, specializing in tea, handling various administrative roles, increasing their bar skills and distinction, acquiring wholesale clients,  becoming shopkeeper, etc. Make an account on www.teammuggswigz.com to find out more and apply