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Caramel apple with peanuts and lime
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Colombia Acevedo

Coffee came to Colombia in the late 1700s by way of Jesuit priests who were among the Spanish colonists, and the first plantings were in the north of the country, in the Santander and Boyaca departments. Throughout the 19th century, coffee plants spread through the country, with a smaller average farm size than more commonly found throughout other Latin American producing countries.

Commercial production and export of coffee started in the first decade of the 1800s, but remained somewhat limited until the 20th century: The 1927 establishment of the Federación Nacional de Cafeteros de Colombia (aka FNC, see below) was a tremendous boost to the national coffee industry, and Colombia quickly established itself as a major coffee-growing region, vying with Brazil and Vietnam for the title of top global producer.

Colombia still produces exclusively Arabica coffee, and though the country suffered setbacks and lower yields from an outbreak of coffee-leaf rust in the early 2010s, production has fairly bounced back thanks to the development and spread of disease-resistant plants, as well as aggressive treatment and preventative techniques.

Huila is known as one of Colombia’s most productive coffee-producing regions and Acevedo is one of Huila’s most productive towns. The region is known for its varied geography and climate, though it is consistently able to put out sweet, clean, bright coffees year after year. This has led to a Denomination of Origin status for coffees from Huila recognizing each of these characteristics. This particular lot is sourced from the area around Acevedo.

Our Roast : Caramel apple with peanuts and lime

 Coffee Specs:

Country     Colombia

Region   Acevedo

Drying :  Mechanical

Proc. Method : Fully Washed

Varietals : Caturra, Colombia, Castillo

Elevation : 1400 to 1650 meters