Muggswigz has replaced its paper cups with recyclable polystyrene cups, composts the papery chaff waste from its roasting operation, and the spent coffee grounds from its coffee and tea bars. 

   People have tended to think that because paper cups come from trees they are a better choice for the environment. However, they involve cutting down trees to make cups. Many cups are made with recycled content, but not 100% , so trees are being cut down to make the cups. Additionally, the energy required to manufacture a standard insulated wax-coated paperboard cup is almost three times as much energy as required to manufacture a polystyrene cup. Standard paper cups used with corrugated cardboard sleeves require about two times the energy to produce as polystyrene cups. Fossil-fuel use is further reduced by using polystyrene cups simply because they are 90% air, and thus much lighter then paper cups, greatly reducing transportation fuel consumption. ANd polystyrene eliminates the need for cups sleeves, whose manufacture involves cutting down more trees and burning more fossil fuels. 

   Since paper is not inherently waterproof, and people don't want to run the risk of serious burns if they don't finish their cup of coffee in under a minute, paper cups are coated with polyethylene, unfortunately making them unsuitable for recycling.

   Its important to make well-informed decisions concerning our environmental impact, and we seek to consistently improve.

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