Costa Rica Coffee

Earlier this year, Alex, Muggswigz President and Founder, traveled to Costa Rica and engulfed himself in the coffee culture of the Central American country. He visited family owned farms, cupping coffee and finding outstanding coffee that caught the attention of his palette, that you will see on the shelves later this year. He stated that " it was good to see micro-mills and co-ops that are economically viable." In the this day and age, that is essential. He also noted that many coffee farmers are distancing themselves from washed coffee processes and using more honey and natural processes, which instead of a clean coffee note, you may find more berry and earthy flavor notes. Payment programs for coffee pickers were usually based on volume rather than weight. This seemed to improve more selective picking and harvest quality. In his experience, Alex observed more experimentation by the farmers than any other origin trip that he has taken. Many of the family owned farms he visited had cupping rooms, where he was able to taste the coffee that they offered all while enjoying beautiful views of the landscape.