COVID-19 Response

Our Coffee & Tea Bars are staying open for carry-out and delivery orders. Our online store for wholesale and retail orders remains open. We have added additional cleaning, hygiene, and sanitizing protocols. We are asking guests in our coffee & tea bars to please wear a facemask and pay with a credit card, and instead of handing your card to your barista, please insert your card into the chip reader. If you are paying with cash, please do not hand it to your barista. We've designed a crude cash sanitizer to sanitize all incoming cash. Please put your cash though the sanitizer and the barista will retrieve it. We are 3D printing the sanitizers for the stores now. We've made the design publicly available ( here ) for any other businesses that would like to print their own. Just keep filled with 70% or higher alcohol.  If you don't have a 3D printer and would like a sanitizer, contact Alex via the contact page and we'll print you one and fast as our little Monoprice 3D printer can do it (which is like 20 hours) .