Local Roaster Sources Coffee from Community Minded Farmer Using New Coffee Lab

Local Coffee Roaster, Muggswigz, has designed a new Coffee and Tea Lab at their Downtown Canton location at 137 Walnut Ave NE. The Lab s used by the company's wholesale department for QC, training, and R&D. The lab hosted a National PreliminaryCoffee Competition in the summer of 2018 and has since been a setting where tea and coffee blends are created and final roasts and blends are established. The most recent coffee the Lab has discovered has been one grown by Juan Pena, one of Ecuador's most innovative coffee producers.

Juan Pena, was a long stem rose producer, but when Juan's flower fields were devastated by bad weather, he turned to growing coffee on his farm named, "Hacienda La Papaya." Experimenting with different fertilizer amounts, he tracks the development and health of the coffee plants. Juan cares greatly for his community, as he provides his community and neighborhood with plots on his farm so they can grow their own coffee plants. His innovative tactics caught the attention of Muggswigz and the fruits of his labor are soon to make an impression on the palates of Canton.

Muggswigz Coffee and Tea Co , established in 2003, has three coffee and tea bar locations at 137 Walnut Ave, NE in Canton, 5854 Fulton Dr NW in Jackson Two., and 3452 Manchester Rd. in Akron. Muggswigz Coffee and Tea Co is locally owned and operated and roasts coffee for its retail and wholesale customers at its Canton location. For more information on the culinary cuppings, visit: www.muggswigz.com.