Celebrating Ghandi

On October 2nd, all three Muggswigz locations will be celebrating Ghandi's 149th birthday.  Mohandas Ghandi's nonviolent demonstrations to bring about social change and his visions for justified civil rights is worth celebrating. The stores will be serving our limited time, Curry Chai, a unique take on our classic Masala Chai tea latte. You can buy the Curry Chai on retail or purchase the Curry Chai Tea Latte from our baristas at the bar. When asked why Muggswigz would seek to celebrate Ghandi, Alexander Haas, Muggswigz Founder and President said, " because he is a popular, outstanding role model in how to create change peacefully and appealing to the good in people." Remembering and honoring good people can bring about good change and hopefully the Curry Chai brings a positive change change to the Masala chai.