Muggswigz Barista Qualifies for United States Barista Competitions

   Sean Hreha, from Muggswigz Coffee and Tea Company, has qualified for the Qualifying United States Barista Championship located in Nashville, TN occurring January 12-13, 2019. Having competed in the recent Preliminary Barista Competition held at the downtown Canton Muggswigz earlier this month, Sean, who works as a Skilled barista at the Portage Lakes location, made it through to the top 6 barista competitors who move on to the next level of competitions. The end goal for these competitors is to be crowned the World Barista Champion at the World Barista Championships in Boston, MA, in 2019.

   Sean has been a barista since 2015 and has proven to be a knowledgeable and highly skilled barista for the company. He began his career at the downtown Canton Muggswigz, working both as a barista and a saucier. He then moved to the Portage Lakes location when it opened in February of 2017. No matter which store he has worked at, he helped to make guests’ experience a delicious and happy one. Over the years, Muggswigz has produced many award winning competition baristas. They don’t just train baristas for competitions, but for everyday work behind the coffee and tea bar.