New Retail Coffee Bags

As of late, you may have noticed a difference in our bags. We have recently switched our retail bags to a new style, one that is better for both the coffee beans and the coffee drinkers alike.

The bag construction was designed by Alex Haas, Muggswigz Founder and is the first bag in the industry to put a window on the bottom of the bag. The bottom window allows you to see the beans while preventing harmful light from shining in. The rest of the bags have a reflective silver finish and allow for more bag space for printing. There are instructions on brewing guidelines for your coffee beans printed on the back of the bags to help you to keep the beans fresher for longer, as well as advises buyers on how to to brew the coffee as they would receive it at our stores. There is a higher quality, one way valve on the back, allowing for gases from the fresh coffee to escape and for guests to be able to inhale the aromas of the whole beans inside, but not allowing in any harmful oxygen. The original labels from the previous style bags still remain as visuals for the coffee's taste and smells. The coffee roast dates are still printed on the front of the bags to inform guests of when the coffee was roasted.

Next time you are in one of the shops or are buying our coffee from our online store, check out the new bags!